Killing Amy & BettaKultcha

Cover for Death Mash

It’s just under a week to go before we start turning over on Killing Amy. This weekend has been spent furiously going through the photos of the stock shoot, as well as creating fake DVD covers, news reports and other media for the film’s Bettakultcha presentation.

Bettakultcha (@bettakultcha) is an extremely popular event in Leeds, started by Richard Michie (@RichardMichie) and Ivor Tymchak (@IvorTymchak). In a nutshell, it’s a bunch of people talking about things which they are passionate about, but they have to follow certain rules which are:

* All presentations must be 20 slides long
* Each slide must last 15 seconds, before moving onto the next one
* When five minutes finish, so does the presentation
* No sales pitches

The director had a go at the first Bettakultcha which you can see on line here. Killing Amy is a dark, satirical take on these presentations, with our main character Michael as presenter. The clue is in the title as to what his presentation will be about.

You can also get tickets for the next Bettakultcha, which is the 2nd of November from here

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