Killing Amy – The Official Shoot Diary Now Available


David Maguire on the set of killing Amy

By David Maguire


In the beginning there was light. Then camera. And… action!

Our tale begins in Orpington, Engerland, 1978. After nine months of eager anticipation, a man child is born. The baby will grow up to change the world of film making, to revolutionise the cinema with a unique approach to movies. Like Orson Welles, this auteur will live forever, immortalised in celluloid, a yardstick for a whole new breed of directors who will follow in his footsteps.

Meanwhile, two doors up, Rob Smith is born.

Convinced that only a miracle will ensure their son’s entry into cinema, the Smiths add the words ‘St John’ to his name – the patron saint of feature films that take nine years to make but yet still don’t see the light of day.

Twenty-one years later, revered New Jersey director Kevin Smith makes the highly acclaimed bittersweet comedy ‘Chasing Amy’. It is a universal success – which is surprising for something with Ben Affleck in. Inspired by the film, and always on the look out for innovative, original ideas, Robert St-John Smith decides to write his own magnum opus, Killing – that’s ‘Killing’, not ‘Chasing’ – Killing Amy. He can barely fit the entire script on the back of the postage stamp he’s using.

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