James Butler and Jon Burgess on board for Surprise!

Photo from KA of James and Jon

James Butler & Jon Burgess

If we can get them out of the boot of their car!

The crew for Surprise! continues to grow with James Butler coming on as the Sound Mixer and Jon Burgess as the Boom Op.  James is a true 5YLAC Legend, having being present at the very first meeting for 5YLAC, back in a smoky pub in Soho in 1999! He is also  a survivor of the infamous beach of death shoot for Mortus illumina  as well as the London shoot. More recently, he was the mixer on Killing Amy and is also doing the dubbing for the cut.

Jon is earning his second 5YLAC stripe after booming on Killing Amy. Together, as well as their excellent skills in their fields, they bring an unprecedented knowledge of eighties TV kids theme show tunes to the mix

Welcome back guys !

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