Bettakultcha June 7th 2011

Shoot Protocol

Bettakultcha is an awe inspiring event, where speakers give a five minute powerpoint presentation on any topic and have to abide by the rules of exactly 20 slides, fifteen seconds a slide. The topics can be about anything from how Starwars is based on Mills & Boon to the history of drag queens. The event has grown from a small crowd of sixty people to an expected attendance of 350 for the next one.

Back in February 2010 Robert St-John Smith, founder of 5YLAC films, did a talk

at the very first Bettakultcha, entitled “How not to make a film ” based on the experiences of Mortus illumina (which is still stuck inĀ  post production hell). On June 7th, he will be giving a presentation entitled “How to make a film” based on the recently completed short, Killing Amy, which was inspired by the Bettakultcha event.

Tickets for the event are available here

You can see some of the more recent presentations here and the original “How not to make a film” below

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