Killing Amy – The Aftermath


On Tuesday 8th of June 2011, 5YLAC Films attempted to premiere their film Killing Amy at Bettakultcha IX. Due to technical difficulties, the film started playing once, then stopped and then played very choppily for about three minutes, before having to be abandoned.

What was seen on the film provoked quite a strong reaction. While the film had been designed to be unsettling, shocking and provoke debate, it was not our intention to cause offence. There has been some very interesting and very balanced debate about not just the screening, but on censorship and trigger warnings afterwards on the following blogs:

  1. Bettakultcha IX – So what was the drama about – Exploring Leeds
  2. In defence of Bettakultcha and Killing Amy – Dan Ladds dot com
  3. The Feeling of Bettakultcha – Kate Fox News
  4. Bettakultcha IX June 2011 – Claireot’s Blog
  5. Richard and Ivor’s Bettakultcha Statement – CultureVutures

We totally agree that showing the film without a warning was a mistake. We are also sorry that it has overshadowed the other speakers who spoke that night. As an organisation that believes in getting behind people and other groups, this was never our intention.

We have been asked about the context of the film. At this stage we do not want to speak too much about the film itself, as it is about to begin the festival loop and as part of that process naturally more information will appear on this site, including a very special guest blogger who will be giving their views on the main protagonist.

Once the film has had its run on the festival circuit, it will be made available for viewing on this site, with appropriate warnings about the context in place.

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