5YLAC Films was founded at the start of the millennium by Robert St-John Smith. Originally the company was formed to make low budget films and they started with an apocalyptic thriller entitled “Deadlights”

Ten years on, the director looks back on this film and describes it it as “camp, badly acted, badly shot and not going to change the world. But I love it.”
You can read a badly spelt journal of the making of Deadlights  over here

The next production they entered into was a feature entitled Mortus Illumina, a faustian tale of a girl who sells her soul for five years of happiness.

This has been the company’s main focus over the last nine years, turning into an odyssey of low budget production film-making, in three different states of existence. You can find out more about this odyssey from the directors blog

As well as making films, betweeen 2004 and 2007 the company also existed as 5YLAC Services Limited who provided production support services to other productions including production management,  an armoury supplying SFX weapons and a workshop making SFX stunt props, such as the infamous bendy grenade.

Bendy Grenades

In 2008 the company returned to making fllms with starting pre-production on Silva Superior, a fantasy tale set around the battle of Teutoburg forest. Unfortunately the financial crisis of 2009 put the production on hold, but they intend to pick up again in 2011.

In the meantime, we are going back to our roots and starting to film a series of short films in Leeds.