Chance & The Lucky Aces

For those about to rock…

Whether it be using cowbells, the Jew’s harp, tea chest basses, BandoneĆ³ns, hurdy-gurdies, theremins or just the plain old reliable guitar, drum and bass, 5YLAC Films has the band for you!

‘Chance & the Lucky Aces’ is the film company’s own in-house band, originally set up for the purpose of – but definitely not limited to – recording soundtrack material to accompany their own films.

Open to all genres, and of no fixed line-up (as in – “Hello! That’s an open invitation to come and play with us!!!”), we particularly favour those musicians who represent the great unloved and misunderstood instruments of the world such as those mentioned above. In a word – the obscurer the better!

Formed in February 2011, the band has already produced its first single (I Shot A Frenchman At Agincourt), recorded at DPS Recording and Rehearsal Studios in Leeds for the forthcoming 5YLAC film Killing Amy. Naturally a film about a Yorkshire-based serial killer requires a song about a battle in the Hundred Years’ War…!

So how often will they release material? Who knows!
Will they ever gig? Err… possibly…
Will they ever win a Brit Award? Naturally.
Are they tipped for world domination? That’s entirely down to you. You can always help by buying the single…. All proceeds go towards supporting starving artists in West Yorkshire.

Chance and the Lucky Aces line-up 2011


Lead Vocals: Chance

Guitar: David Maguire

Bass: Phil Faulks

Drums: Dave Jones

Backing Vocals: Maria Protopapadaki-Smith, Ben Rail, Lisa Searles, David Maguire